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Adam Jagdfeld accompanying Eric McCormack at a Washington, D.C. GALA

Adam Jagdfeld

is a pianist and private instructor based in Washington, D.C. From classical beginnings to experimental jazz, his journey has included performances with drum corps, jazz bands, show choirs, and much more. Adam’s current mission as an artist aims to expand his knowledge and abilities as both a performer and an educator. With a love for collaboration and spontaneous creativity, jazz music has served as a beacon of inspiration in his music career.

- Piano Lessons D.C. DMV - Piano Teacher Washington D.C. - Virtual Piano Lessons Beginner - Virtual Piano Teacher Music Theory - Pianist Washington D.C. DMV Area

Lessons for you or your child. 

No age requirement or experience needed. Adam's approach to teaching draws on a diverse musical background that strives to encompass elements of music theory, performance, and creativity at the keyboard. Adam understands that each student is uniquely interested in music — tailoring lessons to the individual is key to unlocking their full potential as an artist.

Student practicing the piano
Grand Piano with text "Need live music?"

Need live music?

Live Music

DMV area keyboardist looking for performance opportunities. Weddings, religious services, corporate events, and more. Experience playing solo piano, accompaniment, and pit / combo settings. Affordable rate for local gigs and all other inquiries!

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Get in touch so we can work together! 

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